Strength & Conditioning

Daru Fitness Performance (DFP) S&C program is designed to take anyone from the elite athlete to the average working person to higher level of strength, endurance, power, flexibility, and coordination. The coaches at DFP are dedicated to helping you achieve your overall strength and conditioning goals. This is a must for anyone looking to become a stronger version of themselves!

Lose Weight Get In Shape

If you are looking to shed some body fat and get in the best shape of your life then our high intensity bootcamp class most notably named Battlecamp due to it's no nonsense approach to overall fitness and wellness this class will most certainly help you achieve your fitness goals. Battlecamp is our most popular class to date and the back bone of DFP! If you want to be in the best shape of your life and look great then this is where you want to be. For the elite athlete to the person who's never worked out a day in their life it will help all!

Stamina & Endurance

All of Daru Fitness Performance programs are designed to help you achieve a better working body, from strength to endurance to overall functional wellness. At DFP we make sure you are well taken care of we have certified knowledgeable trainers that will always push you to be the best you can be. Along a family atmosphere you will be treated as equals to help yourself take your fitness to the next level.
Daru Fitness Performance #WEGOHARD | From DFP Soldier to DFP Spartan ... The Ultimate Accomplishment!

About Us



Daru Fitness Performance (DFP) is not just a gym it's a place where people of all types and aspirations can come to achieve their goals and work to be a stronger version of themselves. This is not your average commercial gym we make sure everyone is treated like family and you will never be left behind, we are a team dedicated to getting the job done. DFP has an old school feel and an old school attitude with some new school flare. We want you to feel like your working out, to sweat and feel like you just did the so called impossible... Our DFP members are truly one of a kind, they are dedicated hardworking individuals that love to come in and have fun while busting their behind in class or training. We love to see new faces and we love to hear that they enjoy and feel comfortable at the Daru Strong House. It is our goal as a fitness facility to get you the best results possible, also to make sure you have a great time while pursuing your fitness goals. We are well known for achieving fast results with our clients and members aka (Soldiers) at DFP. We will always make sure you are meeting your goals and setting new ones because we all have to have something to strive for. These are just a few things that our soldiers have said about Daru Fitness Performance and it's programs! Daru Fitness Performance we like to keep things open for our members where they are not expecting anything to jump at them. Our approach is upfront and simple if you want to workout, and accomplish your goals, no time to waste let's get to them. Like I said we keep it cut and dry, very simple but don't get us wrong everyone that walks into our wear house doors will be put through a very precise workout. For any additional questions please consult our FAQ's page below. This is Daru Fitness Performance ... WE GO HARD!